PHS Review: Dee Ring Snaffle Bit Ring

  I'm back again this week with another blog post.

  Though this is a different type of post than I usually do, I thought I would tell you about something that I am loving right now. Though I can't share with you my favourite tack or apparel at the moment, I did find this equine inspired ring that deserves a mention...

Pure Horse Sense Blog- Loriece dee ring snaffle bit ring
Picture taken by me

  I'd been on the hunt for a dee ring snaffle bit ring for almost a year before I found this one. Sure I saw them for sale online, but I wanted to see these rings in person before I made up my mind. I also didn't know what size I needed because I didn't know where I wanted to wear it.

  I found this one while at was at the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair last year. There were two kiosks with equine inspired jewellery. The first one also had this type of ring (which I did also like), but I decided to walk around before making a decision. Then I walked over to the Loriece booth. 

  I saw many different jewellery pieces that caught my eye. I immediately saw this dee ring snaffle bit ring. I asked to see it and tried it on. The lady explained that it was made of sterling silver and was hand made. I loved it and bought it in a size 7.5. That way, it fits 3 fingers of mine so I can move it around. 

Pure Horse Sense Blog- Loriece dee ring snaffle bit ring
Picture taken by me

  The lady also explained that you don't need to be careful with this ring. Everything in this line is made with the rider in mind. That means it's meant to handle the barn. Another lady working there also added that she has never actually cleaned her bracelet since she's had it. 

  Since I have access to sterling silver cleaning cloths, I have polished it since I've bought it. Not because it has changed colour like I've seen other silver jewellery do, but because I wanted to have that little extra shine.

  My favourite part of the ring is that it's hand made. The ring isn't perfect. The bit's rings are not the same shape and the groves in the shank to represent the stitching in the leather is uneven. I love this because it makes it different, it makes it special.

Pure Horse Sense Blog- Loriece dee ring snaffle bit ring
Picture taken by me

  I've gotten compliments on my ring from both riders and non-riders. Horse people obviously get that it's a bit whereas non-horse people like that it looks different and pretty. 

  I love my ring and I thought I would share it with you. I also thought I'd share the company with you if you're also in the market for equine inspired jewellery. So check out Loriece online if you haven't already. 

  Until next time, happy riding!

  This post was not sponsored by Loriece in any way. Their product simply inspired the topic of this post.